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RESTAURANT - La Tartufara



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It is narrated that in the times of our grandfathers the seekers of truffles (tartufari) walked for entire days in order to find the best areas, asking for hospitality during the night in barns or stables and sleeping among the animals, where they could find warmth and shelter. For this service the tartufari rewarded the peasants who had offered them a shelter with some of the fruits of their long and laborious search. In Ca' Vernaccia the hospitality and the culture of the truffle have remained unaltered.
The place which once had been the stable of the horses (and where the seekers had rested hundreds of times) has been transformed in the Inn La Tartufara.

Both this characteristic hut and the main building have been restored and divided into three dining-rooms. Two of them have been equipped with air-conditioning while the third one has been transformed into an open-air court for the summer, for a total of approximately 40 seats. They remain at total disposal of the customers of the inn or of those who simply wish to taste our gastronomic specialties. Our cooking enhances the local tradition respecting the seasons and its typical products. You can choose among the many traditional dishes of Montefeltro, including home made pastas with mushrooms, passatelli, formaggio di fossa and above all our typical truffles. You can choose the typical plate of Montefeltro in all its varieties (valuable summer white or black truffle, winter black truffle, spring bianchetto) or you can order our vegetarian menu. In our restaurant the truffles can be tasted during the whole year, and if you wish to learn from the innkeepers the secrets of the search of this precious delight, they will be pleased to lead you to the most fruitful areas of the zone.
Country House Ca' Vernaccia
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